Story of a Blue Jay

This is kinda crazy and I couldn’t not tell you about it. On Tuesday I normal watch an awesome Maltese named Maize. When Maize’s mommy came to get him she left a little blue jay. This little birdie didn’t look like it was doing so hot. He wasn’t moving anything from his neck down, so I put him in a shoebox and started calling away.

I texted a friend from the paws clinic. Might I say a great place to get your dogs or cats fixed and not very costly. She then referred me to an animal er. When I got them on the phone I spoke with a nice lady that explained to me that if little blue jays don’t make their moms cut they just get pushed out of the nest to fend for them selfs. At the end of the call, she informed me that you need a special license to work on wildlife that they do not possess. She said if you want to take it on your self you can always find a wildlife rehabilitation center. At that point, my wonderful girlfriend was home and got a hold of a place called wild wings out in Hazel Park.

We hopped in the car drove out there so this little bird can get the help it needs. 45 minutes later we were at there doorstep and the woman there took him back for his exam. Our little buddy is til with them and we wish him the best from Pawtastic!

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