Rayne is coming along great!

Rayne enjoying the snow.

We are crossing the 5-week mark with Rayne and he is doing great. I really like Rayne. He is a very well behaved dog. He didn’t start out that way, but with some training, love, and attention. He is just molding into an awesome pet. We are still working on his health issues but he is healing up nice. I hope one of you guys out there will adopt him in march when he is healthy and available.

When I first got Rayne we had a problem with him jumping and humping. With a little persistence and know-how. I was able to get the job done. It is kinda funny because now after working with him. When he gets excited he sits down. Sometimes he gets so excited he will frog leap in the sitting position and I am cool with that. He isn’t jumping on me and he is also most important not trying to serenade me with his sweet moves.

His heartworm treatment is well on its way. He just finished his doxycycline and prednisone just yesterday. When I come back from seeing my family in Boston for the Thanksgiving break. He will be ready for his two rounds of shots. Then off to the vet he goes to make that happen.

Just since I have gotten him. He is much healthier. He has put on some much-needed weight. With the heartworm, he can’t be active and when I got him he was pretty skinny and you could see his ribs a little bit. With a healthy high protein diet. I have had to adjust his hardness twice and we are almost ready to go to the next loop on his collar. This is all without exercise.

His skin is looking great still. We are only putting on the coconut oil twice a week as opposed to every day like we were when we got him. His dandruff problem is nonexistent. His cuts have healed and aren’t even scars they are growing hair back. I am really pleased with how he is healing up and rather quickly. He is a young pup with the constitution of Wolverine. I think he will keep doing great.

Thank you all for reading. I hope to be writing these more and more. I spoke with a digital marketing guru that gave me great advice to build up that online following that Pawtastiing really deserves. Posting stuff all the time is what helps, So thank you again and look forward to seeing every one of you very soon.

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