Animal Care Services


I show animals a great deal of compassion and understand they need to be nurtured and cared for.


An Army veteran that is honest that will work with you and your pets.


Have had the opportunity to work with or own many different Animals and different breeds of those animals.

Dog Walking

A dog walks with a text to let you know if your little buddy was able to do the business. When walk is done will make sure they have food and water if needed.

Pet Sitting - In Your Home

Will stay in your home to not disrupt your pets routine. I will look after your pets and keep your house in the same order I found it.

Pet Boarding - In Our Home

Your little buddies come over for a sleepover. When they are over I will feed them, give them there medication if needed, and play with them. If they are socialized well they will have free roam of the house furniture and all. If they are not. That isn’t a problem. I have a full finished basement with an at home feel, so I can keep them and other animals I am working with safe.

Pet Clean Up

Will clean up pet waste from your yard 

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