Fostering Feral Cats

This is Mallie and Princess Bathory. They are two feral cats that were trapped around 7 mile and van dyke on Detriot’s eastside.

They came into our home and were very scared of people. The first month they just hid under the bed. They would only come out to eat at night or when no one was around and that was fine because they still needed to get there feline leukemia test and feline HIV test to make sure they were safe to be around the other kitties.

We booked their appointment at Saint Julian’s cat care to make sure they were all healthy. A shout out to those guys. They are super knowledgeable and very caring when it comes to cats. They even have a little cat helper right there in the office. They took them in the back put them to sleep to take blood. we waited for about 15 minutes for the results and they were both negative for both kitty leukemia and HIV.

When we got back we thought the hard part was over but they kept hiding and running away from people. We had to think about how we could show these cats that people are OK. We set them up with there own room without anything to hide under and a bunch of comfy spots to curl up and keep warm. This environment and many treats have given us a lot of success. We are able to pat them and almost able to pick them up without them giving us a fuss. We have heard a lot of great things about Feliway. We are going to be using that next so keep your eyes open for our next post about how it works with these cats.

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