Feral fosters have been tamed!

Princess and Mallie these two have come along way. It took a lot of time to get them where they are today. It is wild to watch these guys really change. Now they are fitting right in. It is not just there attitude. They also made physical changes such as their fur being that of like a raccoon to changing a much softer house cat type fur. I am really proud of myself to accomplish this since most of what I read is that you’re setting your self up for heartbreak. it is just too much of a challenge. Well, vetmd webpage internet checkmate!

When we received these cats they were very fearful. definitely could tell they haven’t had much or any human contact before. We keep them separated because we had to get them tested for FIV and kittie leukemia. We set them up in their own room. All they would lay under the bed wouldn’t let us touch them even for food at first it people were in the room. We would make short visits to the room talk with them. Lay on our belly so they can get used to seeing us. two weeks later we had to take them to the vet for there test and they were still not too fond of people. My buddy Floyd came over that volunteers at the river rouge animal with me. Thank god because I needed the help. I told him to bring a long sleeve shirt and we dived in. When we finished we had to flip every piece of furniture over and moved everything against the wall so they couldn’t hide. We got them safely in the crates but not before working up a sweat. Great news they came back clean.

When they got back we let them roam free and mingle with the other cats. If I was going to do this process again I certainly wouldn’t have done this at this time. They were still too fearful and didn’t trust people. They did pretty well with the other cats. The problem is during the day they would hide from us in the crawl space or in the tool closet in the basement. We weren’t making any improvements in their socialization. We had to get them back into their room. I got my creative juices flowing. We made a little track from the tool closet to the room we needed them in and corralled them like some cattle there. Back under the bed, they went.

For another week they just chilled under the bed. They would come out for treats but just run right under the bed again when they were done eating and a little petting on their terms. We needed a game-changer. Something to really even the odds to help us let these awesome kitties know that we are cool and we got it. We took the bed out of the room and moved the furniture around so they couldn’t hide. We added a cat tree, pillows, shelves, and a kittie condo. Gave the room a complete transformation. This helped a great deal. We could now pet them and play with them. They were really warming up to us.

We spent about another 2 weeks with our short but often visits of playing, bring them treats, and even a little more patting. I think the straw that broke the camels back was one night we were having a really bad thunderstorm. Mallie and Princess were on the dresser sitting on a pillow looking out the window at this horrible weather and then turned to me with relaxed faces purring as if there wasn’t any fear in them anymore as I was petting them just to be happy to be indoors. Man, that last line was a little descriptive, but I remember it well.

We let them roam around free after that. They have been great with the other kitties. They let us pet them when they are out and about. Even this last week princess sat on my lap while I was just laying around on the couch. It is a real pleasure to be able to do something like this. I want to thank everyone for reading this and remember both these cats are up for adoption. I would only let them go in a pair since they have been threw so much together. They deserve a great home from one of you!

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