Boss Update better late than never!

Boss at the vet

Back again after much to much time away. I knew blogging was going to be kind of a chore and all it took was going on vacation and getting really sick back to back to knock me out of my mojo.

Well off to the good stuff. The big guy himself Boss. Last we talked it was about was his heartworm positive diagnosis, him showing barrier aggression, and just how he has been adjusting to living in a loving home.

Boss has been healing up great. He finished his steroids and antibiotics. During that time we kept him calm, comfortable and dropped his food down to 1 1/2 cups of dry food and a half can of wet food twice a day to keep him in his target weight since he wasn’t active. I was a little worried for him since I have heard and read how sick the next phase of treatment makes pups but it is something they have to do to get better.

When Boss was ready for his shots we took him to Westland’s healthy paws. They are great there. They know Boss can be fearful. They always have a room ready for us to keep Boss’s stress level down, so it is an easy process with them. Boss had to go for 2 rounds of shots within 2 days of each other and be watched by them each day to make sure he didn’t have a bad reaction to the medication and coming home with me at night. After the shots, I could tell he wasn’t feeling well. His head was heavy. He was lacking in energy. He vomited a couple of times. He just wasn’t that Boss we know and love.

Slowly Boss started to feel better. the vet told me to keep his activity level low and let him rest for 6 more weeks. the first couple of weeks were fine. Boss didn’t want to do much of anything. When he started to feel better that was a challenge to keep a 3-year-old American bulldog mix laying down all the time. He wanted to play. When he would see the kitties he would take off after them. With a little bit of patience and will power, we made it past it. When he was ready we started him on short walks. Slowly increasing the distance. Today boss is as healthy as a horse. Well, a really healthy horse that is almost heartworm free.

Boss still has some barrier aggression issues. Woman don’t seem to be much of a problem anymore but certain men will set him off. We are still using positive reinforcement training as our training method. it is just a slow process. He is able to let people come in the house now but still not come in his room. On the plus side, I do know my house is safe even if I’m not around.

All and all Boss is adjusting very well. He is a super sweet dog. He has been doing great with not peeing in the house, and we are showing him his basic obedience commands like sit, lay down, and stay. He is taking to them really well. I am going to miss him when he gets adopted to his furever home, but the quicker we find him a home the quicker we can help another dog that really needs it.

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