Boss is adjusting to his new foster home.

Boss doing what he does CUDDLING! He thinks he is a giant kitty.

I have had Boss for about 3 weeks now. He has been adjusting as well as we could have hoped. He is mostly a happy pup and super loveable. He is still fearful of new people and at times having a hard time keeping his cool with the kitties around.

Boss is a great dog but his fear gets the best of him at times. we have had a couple of instances where Boss’s Fear has manifested into signs of aggression. On 2 occasions Boss has growled at men that have stopped by my house. To minimize the behavior before we have anyone come in we meet them in the driveway and have them give Boss a slice of lunch meat when they come in the house. It is slowly working. With him staying with me I can pick up on his tells and take him out of a situation before it becomes stressful. Once I see that whale eye it is time to reel it in a little.

Speaking of reeling it in let us talk about Boss with the cats. At first, he was great with them, but as I said in my last post he had a lot of anxiety. Now that he is more relaxed in his surroundings he wants to play with them more. The problem with that is he is almost 100 pounds and him running and bouncing scares the cats into a defensive position. At night we have been using calming bones by boniez and giving them treats when they are in the same room and acting in a calm manner. When the kitties being in the same room as too much for him to handle. I will take him outside let him calm down. This is a slow process since he looks at the cats as his buddies. We just need to teach him some manners.

More on Boss next week . Thanks for your support fans of Pawtastic!

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