A crazy snowy night!

Chase and his homeward bound story!

Last night started like a night like no other. Started with sitting down to eat some dinner and the phone ring. One of our friends Erin from the Michigan Humane Society was calling. She found a pup roaming around Dearborn Heights. She explained she couldn’t take it home, because her dog is dog reactive. We are suckers for an animal in need. Next stop for Chase was out of the snow to the Pawtastic Animal Sanctuary also know as my house.

We gather up the kitties and move them upstairs or into the cat room depending on where they are lounging. We put Rayne downstairs to keep the living room and kitchen clear. Chase’s time with me would be short, so didn’t even want to see if he was friendly with cats or dogs. He showed up with no collar, leash, or tags. He was out in the snow storm naked.

Chase was friendly. He was also nervous pacing. He looked well taken care of. He definitely hasn’t missed a meal. He was a big boy! I feed him anyway. I wasn’t sure how long he was on the run. He could have been out all day. He was chasing the bowl around the living room, because he was eating so fast. I went to secure the bowl for him. He didn’t like that. He growled a little bit. After that I gave him a little space. Besides that he was great with all the new people around.

Chase wouldn’t stop pacing and scratching at the doors. Since he didn’t have a collar or leash. I grabbed a leash and put it on backwards like a slip leash. I went for a walk with him up to the park for a half hour. He was giving me good body language relaxed face and winking at me. He loved playing in the snow. It definitely helped him calm down.

At 730 we had to go tot he police station to help Chase find his owner. It was a little tricky to get him in the car and him secure so I could drive safely. He wouldn’t jump in. I didn’t have a good enough rapport with him to pick him up. I used treats to get him to get in. When he was in I doubled up his leash and found a clip to clip his leash to. Otherwise he would have been jumping all over the place. He is much to big for that.

We safely got to the the police station. They were real helpful. The officer scanned him for a chip and we found his owners information. Microchips for you pets really work. The officer called chase’s family and we found out his name. I waited with Chase for about a hour and a half till his family came. I hope he is doing good and he knows he has a buddy for life.

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